Trinity Door Systems

New Springfield, Ohio

Trinity Door Systems is a family owned small business that provides entrance door maintenance services. As a growing business, they have doubled in size and recently expanded to a second location.

  • Managed IT development and provided support in a dynamically expanding environment.
  • Established a local area network and installed and configured a centralized file server.
  • Implemented infrastructure to make use of the latest Gigabit technology including upgraded structured wiring.
  • Installed a server rack to promote security and equipment safety.
  • Enhanced security with the addition of a SonicWall firewall appliance.
  • Purchased and installed a new VOIP telephone system.
  • Installed and maintained site-to-site and client-to-site VPN services for connectivity between remote offices and salespersons.
  • Managed cellular services and maintained mobile devices including phones, tablets, and remote access points.
  • Implemented new software, cloud services, and SAAS solutions to streamline business tasks and improve overall efficiency and profitability.
  • Maintained network and peripheral devices and provided technical support.
  • Advised management on the development and implementation of new technology policies and procedures.
  • Maintained company web site and managed email services.

Rob Dunham

I am a full stack LAMP/WAMP/LEMP(LNMP) developer with an affinity toward well-written, clean code. In addition to web development, I also have a background in providing IT services and solutions to small and medium sized businesses as well as for providing PC repair services to residential and home office clients. My diverse range of experiences places me in a unique position to provide small and medium sized businesses with all of the services of a full IT staff at a price to fit any budget.