About Rob Dunham

I am a full stack LAMP/WAMP/LEMP(LNMP) developer with an affinity toward well-written, clean code. In addition to web development, I also have a background in providing IT services and solutions to small and medium sized businesses as well as for providing PC repair services to residential and home office clients. My diverse range of experiences places me in a unique position to provide small and medium sized businesses with all of the services of a full IT staff at a price to fit any budget.



Testing Gist Integration

Let’s test Gist integration

* Writes a value to the current session data.
* @param string $key String identifier.
* @param mixed $value Single value or array of values to be written.
* @return mixed Value or array of values written.
* @throws InvalidArgumentTypeException Session key is not a string value.
public static function write($key, $value)
if ( !is_string($key) )
throw new InvalidArgumentTypeException('Session key must be string value');
$_SESSION[$key] = $value;
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